Painting Party

Painting Party

I have been asked to lead a painting session for a group of 15 year old girls during a birthday party.

I supplied each with a canvas, brushes, acrylic paints ( red, blue, yellow, white and black) and some stencils.

Then I demo’d each stage and helped them before continuing to the next stage. They enjoyed it very much and were very happy with their artworks.

Contact me to arrange your own painting party!

(Ages 13 and above)


Any Saturday of your choosing – Booking is confirmed once full payment is received.


R350-500 per person

You choose your budget and then I choose which materials I can supply for the amount 🙂


I will come to your home!

Add R3 per km to cover travelling expenses.

Book your party now!

Depending on the number of guests, and their skill level, allow about 2-3 hours so each guest can complete their work of art during the event.

I will demo each stage of the artwork and help the participants for a while before moving on to the next stage. I plan the artworks for these events beforehand so it is easier to ensure everyone can keep up 🙂


All Materials and Tools Needed

These are the tips they found very helpful:

The custom stencils worked very well

I loved using the stencil for this! Using a thin brush helped me add the finer branches and hairs very easily as well.

Rolling the brush on the pallette to create this small point helped a lot for this detail work 🙂

Rolling the small brush to a point helped a lot