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Hi There!

Below you will be able to see which artworks I am currently working on. I will usually show you my SAT (Sit and Think sketch) followed by several Work in Progress images and finally the Final image. Upon completion, artworks not marked as commissioned work will be made made available for sale to my email subscribers for 2-3 weeks before it is made available for sale online.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie WIP 1
Magda de Lange, "Angelina Jolie WIP 1", ©2020

I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do with this painting and did not feel like I even needed a SAT sketch for this. 
(I probably may regret this, but I am sure it will turn out fine though.) 

I also forgot to take picture during the very early stages, but hope you will follow along here though 🙂

Shown here is the first layers of color and a tiny bit of detail on the face.

I am rethinking the green background because I think the color competes a bit too much with her lovely eyes!

Angelina Jolie WIP 2
Magda de Lange, "Angelina Jolie WIP 2, ©2020

I added a bit more shading, blush and redder lips. 

I added some light streaks in the dark background, but will probably change the background again, because with the dark hair, the whole image will be too dark.

Angelina Jolie WIP 3
Magda de Lange, "Angelina Jolie WIP 3", ©2020

The cheek color is softened a bit and her ear shape is defined a bit further.

The simple sky background is not too bright and not too dark either. After laying down the first color for the hair along with a few lighter streaks, I know I am happy with the background.

I have only added a few lighter hair colors. I will add more and more layers of lighter colors in her hair to build up volume.

Picard - 'Make it So' - Commissioned work

Picard - Make it so Oil Portrait Painting Commission
Picard – ‘Make it so’
Commissioned work

I painted the black background and added white spatters for stars. I used burnt sienna and a little burnt umber for the darker shades and white for the highlights. The ship, hand, clothes, eyes, ears and mouth still needs some work. Only when the shading is correct, a few more colour layers will be added.

This is a painting commissioned by my husband and I have left it standing a bit over the holidays, but plan to pick up the pace with this one now 🙂

Pinterest Images:

Pincushion Proteas sketch - Rough outline only sketch of a few pincushion proteas. The finished work will be done in pastel on paper.
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