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Can’t quite find the perfect piece for a room in your house? From an interior designer’s point of view, you may need specific colors or patterns within the painting to work within a room you are creating. I have got you covered – order the work of art you envisioned here with Magda’s Art.

You may have fond memories of a certain event or locale or person and wish to commemorate this by asking me to create a work from art from photos of this memory.

When you approach me for a commission, try to have a clear idea of what you are looking for so you can describe it to me.

Read my blog article "How to choose the right artwork or décor for a room" to help you formulate what your needs are.

How does it work?


Oil paintings are painted with oil paint on canvas sheets. I do not sell any framed artwork, but package them flat for shipping. Some of my earlier works were done on stretched canvas with the sides painted, but lately I have started working on canvas sheets, which will need to be framed for hanging.

Pastel works are completed with soft pastel on pastel paper. I do not sell any framed artwork, but package them for shipping in a floating box, so nothing touches the artwork surface.

Pastel artworks (and preferably pencil artworks as well) need to be protected behind a matted glass frame. Please take your artwork still in the packaging to a frame shop to ensure it arrives safely to be framed.

Pastel and pencil are also not usually used for large pieces because of the glass. They can be sprayed with a fixative, instead of framing them behind glass, but I do not do this as the fixative often darkens and dulls the colors. I do not create large pastel or pencil art.

Artworks should preferably be hung where they are not in direct sunlight.

Note that my quotes for commissioned work will include the costs of the time I will spend on creating your artwork and the costs of materials I use.

Size Pencil Pastel Oil Painting
A4 R700.00 R1000.00 R1700.00
A3 R1300.00 R2000.00 R3200.00
A2 Not Available Not Available R6300.00

How to choose the right artwork or décor for a room

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