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How to choose the right artwork or décor for a room


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Choosing the right piece of art to complement your space can be one of the most challenging things when decorating your home. So if you're struggling to pick the perfect piece, consider following the guidelines here to help you buy the right artworks, or to help you formulate what you need when commissioning an artwork from me.

1. Select what you like

When choosing art, remember it is for your home, your design, and it is your money being spent on your wall art. If you see something and it does not spark enjoyment, don’t put it on your wall.

2. Select wall art by size

When it comes to choosing art, bigger is usually better. Choosing art that's too small is a very common mistake.

3. Select wall art by style

Decorating your home based on style might be the easiest and most natural. A few examples of styles to use include: a focus on antique pieces, coastal themed, rustic themed or a Bohemian look.

4. Select wall art by color

Magda's Art - How to choose the right artwork - Blog by Magda de Lange

Color is usually the number one thing people get caught up in when trying to choose art, often because they're trying to find something that matches with the other colors in the room.

You can have an artwork commissioned, mentioning the colors you would like to have featured in it, but remember that colors do not have to match perfectly in order to fit in with your room’s color scheme.

There are two major approaches to selecting your wall art by colour.

First, add art to your room that incorporates colours already present in the room. This will lead to a consistent scheme which is cohesive and sophisticated. Follow the following guidelines when choosing your décor and artworks:

Alternatively, choose art for your room that introduces bolder shades on the same colour scheme.

5. Select wall art by theme

Magda's Art - How to choose the right artwork - Blog by Magda de Lange

Decorating your house based on a certain theme or idea, can be fun and easier than you’d think.

Create a space with a beach theme by making your walls light and bright. Add some driftwood and artworks and décor of sea life.

It is quite easy to decorate based on a theme because you can quickly eliminate items that do not fit your chosen theme.

Whenever you are in a store selling home goods, merely scan the space for pieces specific to the theme.

6. Select wall art based on an inspiration piece

Magda's Art - How to choose the right artwork - Blog by Magda de Lange

Much like designing around a theme, an inspiration piece drives all of your other purchasing decisions. An inspiration piece for a room could be a piece of art, a sofa, a table, a desk, or even just a trinket with sentimental value. These can inspire the design of an entire room.

Once you find an inspiration piece, follow these tips for selecting wall art:

7. How to select wall art for an open floor plan

Magda's Art - How to choose the right artwork - Blog by Magda de Lange
Magda's Art - How to choose the right artwork - Blog by Magda de Lange

In an open floor plan, it is helpfull to divide the room in separate spaces. When you have an open plan kitchen, dining area and lounge area, it is important to visually define the three areas separately. Decorate you kitchen and dining area with food focused art, but separate the lounge by purposefully not including food related art there. However, keeping a similar style and color scheme throughout the the three areas will help a lot to make your style still look cohesive.

Original artwork can help a lot to add character and something unique to your home, but if you are buying from a known artist, this can be very expensive. Buying an artwork from an artist who is not famous (yet), can surprise you and increase in value quite considerably when the artist does become famous. The most important factor here should be that the art should make you feel happy and that it fits in with your sense of style.

You deserve a home that is comfortable and suits your sense of style. So, I hope you’ll have fun decorating your home!

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