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10 Lessons I have learned as an artist

  1. Always start with the fundamentals.
  2. Start lighter and work towards darker.
  3. Look, look and then look again.
  4. Objects reflect the colors around them.
  5. Shadows are dark, not black.
  6. Establish a learning goal.
    1. Be very specific.
    2. Include a time limit.
    3. Include a quality measurement.
  7. Practice alone doesn’t make perfect.
  8. Learn from multiple sources, not just one.
  9. Listen to critiques – but choose your critics wisely.
  10. All work and no play make Jill a dull girl.

How to choose the right artwork or décor for a room

  1. Select what you like.
  2. Select wall art by size.
  3. Select wall art by style.
  4. Select wall art by color.
  5. Select wall art by theme.
  6. Select wall art based on an inspiration piece.
  7. How to select wall art for an open floor plan.

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