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About Magda de Lange

I am Magda de Lange, a South African Contemporary Artist. I love painting flowers, landscapes and portraits of people and pets.

I started creating art since the age of 10. I was bored during holidays and drew a quick line sketch of William Shatner (T.J. Hooker). When I showed the sketch to my mother, she immediately recognized him and started encouraging me to create more art.

Since then I started making sketches and soon I even sold them to school friends.

Born and living in South Africa, I am married with two children. I was a computer programmer before I studied to complete my Diploma in Multimedia design in 2010, after which I started painting full-time. When I wish to relax, I love to read and play with my cat.

About My Art

Example of Commissioned Work: Baby Girl Pastel Portrait by Artist Magda de Lange

I am happiest when working on commissioned art portraits. I have also done landscapes, romantic scenery and portraits of pets on request.

When I don’t have commissioned work waiting, I love painting celebrities.

When doing landscapes, I love to paint the beautiful world created for us by God. My definition of pure joy is playing with colors, shapes, textures and contrasts. I find this is also very important to think of all these elements of an artwork when painting, even though sometimes rules are meant to be broken 😉

My contemporary art would suit the decor of most homes and my portraits especially would be great for the entrance, lounge and even bedrooms in a family home.

Personal Details

Maria Magdalena de Lange (born 1973, SA)
Maiden Name: Van Niekerk


Florida High - Matric, 1991)
CUC - COBOL Programming, 1995
UNISA - Diploma in Datametrics, 1998
UJ - Multimedia Diploma, 2007-2010


Programmer and Team leader, Banking and Insurance, 1995-2001
Art Student and Hobbyist, 2000-2010
Self-employed Artist, 2005-current

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