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The commission process

Reference Photographs

If the commissioned work of art is a portrait (of human or pet), photographs of the person(s) or pet(s) can be sent/emailed to me – the more the better. Please avoid the use of flash photography if you intend to photograph especially for this.

For a work of art other than a portrait, please send me a description of what it is that you would like. Include many reference images as examples of what you want. If you do not have any images to send, do not worry about it as I will search for applicable references after I have received your request. I will discuss these with you via email wherever possible.


All photos will be used only during creation of the artwork. It will not be displayed or published at all. Your confidence regarding this is assured.

I return photo's sent to me via snail mail if you included a self-addressed and postage stamped envelope along with them.

Quick Sketch for approval

Once I have gathered reference materials, I sit down and do a few sketches. Your input and feedback on these are very important. So, once I have emailed you the sketches, you get to choose the best one, or even suggest something different. I will then adjust the sketch per your input and allow for up to two further changes to it before I will begin painting.

Pricing and deposit

Only once the final sketch is approved, will I send a proper quote. A deposit of 50% is required before I buy necessary materials and start painting.

You could get a fair idea of pricing to expect here.

Painting time and feedback

I do welcome feedback during the painting process, so I send progress images and welcome your input. I will not deviate too much from the agreed upon sketch, but we can always discuss any possible changes you might suggest.

Delivery of the Final Work

When the painting is finished, I will deliver it personally or by insured carrier, crated for safe transport and delivery.

  • Client is responsible for delivery costs, which would have been included in the quote.
  • Framing is extra

Delivery Schedule

Delivery usually takes between two weeks to two months depending on the portrait's size, medium and complexity. Of course, my gallery schedule should be taken into account, but I will communicate any of these with you from day one and all target dates will be approved by you before I quote for the painting.

Viewing the painting for the first time

When viewing a painting of yourself, please do remember that everyone sees their own faces backwards in mirrors. Nobody's faces are perfectly symmetrical, so how you see yourself in the mirror is NOT how anybody else sees you, so give yourself time to get used to the image of you in the painting. I have never had a painting returned because I could not capture the basic likeness of my client. The feedback I encourage during the painting process should eliminate these problems well in advance.

Also, a painting is not an exact copy like a photograph is. There are bound to be brush strokes or canvas texture visible, even when the artist paints as realistically as possible.

Therefore, what I deliver as finished, is delivered under the following conditions:

  • If the final work was approved via email before I sent it, you agree to accept the artwork as is.
  • The only exception to the above is if the artwork arrives damaged - this is very unlikely as I crate and package all artworks very carefully.

Refunds and Returns

Your satisfaction is what I demand for myself and I take great care during the whole process to keep my clients happy, and as such I cannot refund any artwork - especially commissioned works of art.

If you are unhappy with the artwork, however, please do contact me immediately. We can discuss the problem and if there is anything I can do to fix it, I will. Once again, this has never happened with me before and I do not see any reason it ever should.

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