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Photos should have good resolution

Make sure your camera has high enough resolution. Check the camera settings to ensure that your photos are not taken at the lowest quality setting. Use the original size photo, and do not resize.

Photos used as reference should be properly focused on the subject

Try to get a sharp focus - support the camera to reduse shake or use a tripod if available.

Take your images when your pet is fairly still.

Ensure good lighting

Ensure correct exposure, so that the photos are neither too bright nor too dark.

Photos taken in daylight, outdoor conditions, are best, but avoid direct sunlight. Avoid evening times and dark shadows. Pose your subject on white or neutral surroundings, because the color of bright objects, like a red carpet reflects on the fur or skin of your subject, giving an incorrect color in the photo. Also avoid using built-in flash.

Sunlight can cause the camera to try and filter out the yellow sunlight by adding too much blue. Simirlarly, cameras can add a yellow filter to indoor photos resulting in too much of a yellow tint. When the settings on the camera is properly used and there is enough light (not too much) available, the filters can adjust properly for the light conditions. So, when we do not know how the camera settings work, it is best to use proper lighting so the camera settings is not needed to fix the light issues.

Frame your subject correctly

Avoid shots that are too close-up - unless it is used to show detail and is therefor supplemented with properly framed photos.

Also avoid long shots. If the subject is too far away, the necessary detail is too small to capture in an accurate portrait.

Ensure that the whole body/face is framed with little background around it.

Please do not send photos of the back of your pet's head. If your pet is cradled in someone's arms, sleeping, rolling around or swimming, I cannot see his/her lovely face.